NetSuite Takes Top Spot Among Midmarket ERP Applications

Continuing to benefit from increased investment and functionality, NetSuite has taken the top ranking in IDC’s 2017 assessment of worldwide SaaS and cloud-enabled midmarket ERP applications, beating out other well-known players such as SAP, Workday, Oracle, Microsoft, Sage, Epicor, and Infor.

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing enterprise resource planning (ERP), allowing businesses to transform their decision making, which is enhancing their business outcomes significantly as we enter the digital economy. Digital transformation is an enterprise-wide, board-level, strategic reality for companies wishing to remain relevant or maintain or enhance their leadership position. Digitally transformed businesses have a repeatable set of practices and disciplines used to leverage new business, 3rd Platform technology, innovation accelerators, and operating models to disrupt businesses, customers, and markets in pursuit of business performance and growth. New sources of innovation and creativity to enhance experiences and financial outcomes is paving the way toward SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP software.

Businesses – of all sizes – that are undergoing digital transformation, have turned their focus to SaaS and cloud-enabled software because they need a flexible, agile ERP system that is configurable, continuously updated, quick to implement, and scalable.

Key factors in the IDC evaluation included:

  • Solution functionality, user interface (UI), ease of use, and ease of implementation and integration with other systems
  • Scalability, language support, pricing model, and the vendor’s services focus, financial stability, and customer base
  • Diligent vetting of customer references to examine solution pros/cons and the vendor’s customer support, market knowledge, and overall level of value delivery
  • Innovation and investment in the 3rd Platform and innovation accelerators, including intelligence

NetSuite strengths according to IDC

NetSuite bring a complete solution to the midmarket, which includes financial modules, order management, supply chain management, demand planning, procurement, inventory management, human resource management, CRM, and commerce. This allows midmarket organizations to use one solution provider to complete their needs.

SuiteCloud Platform enables customers and partners to create extensions and integrations so the end user has additional control over the final shape of the ERP system. This feature is particularly attractive to midmarket companies within specialized verticals/niches with industry-specific regulations or companies with unique business models.

NetSuite has several localizations and global capabilities, which are attractive to midmarket organizations doing business in multiple countries. NetSuite supports 20 UI languages, over 190 currencies, and tax calculations and reporting in 100 countries.

NetSuite holds an edge over its competitors as all ERP modules run on a single database and single code base. This is an attribute that few other vendors in the ERP market are currently providing in the cloud. This attribute provides quicker access to data relative to other solutions and easier and relatively seamless updates.

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