NetSuite Continues to Power Ahead with Oracle Investment

Lee Thompson, group vice-president and general manager of Japan-Asia Pacific for Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit, said that Oracle has big plans for NetSuite with the creation of hubs and spokes model.

So far, the company has already established 5 sales hubs in Japan, Australia, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai and Bangalore and satellite sales offices or spokes across Asia, and is also recruiting a lot of people to support the growth strategy.

Oracle has been demonstrating its very serious ambition with NetSuite.  “The intention is to grow NetSuite faster than when we were growing as a listed company,” said Evan Goldberg, founder and chief technology officer of NetSuite, who first worked at Oracle before he founded NetSuite. In fact, he said, the budget for NetSuite, which had been operating for 18 years prior to Oracle acquisition, has been increased substantially to support the growth strategy.

“Everything at Oracle NetSuite is expanding and there will be no exception as Mark Hurd (Oracle CO-CEO) said they are investing very heavily in distribution and R & D.”

Before the acquisition by Oracle, Thompson said, NetSuite was already growing at 30 percent but the intention now is to grow faster than that.

“Oracle has very deep pockets and making investments in NetSuite,” he said noting that the acquisition has brought NetSuite a lot of recognition in geographies where it does not have presence. Oracle also wants to maintain the identity of NetSuite.

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