Is your business ready for AI and machine learning?

Artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning are all buzzwords these days. With the cost of computing power falling dramatically, these technologies will soon be available for businesses of all sizes.

At ONE Pacific, we recently had an intern create a basic machine learning system on Amazon Web Services and it took less than one hour.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to be a transformational technology for companies undergoing a digitization process.  The availability of large amounts of data – both internal and external  – will feed the AI tools and result in significant business improvements.

For clients in Asia, we see a number of business areas that can benefit from AI enhancement. These include predictive maintenance, logistics network and warehouse optimization, pricing and promotion, product feature optimization, and analytics driven accounting. In fact, as the chart from McKinsey research shows, the biggest value is expected to be derived in supply chain, manufacturing and marketing/sales.

Our cloud-based ERP solution, Oracle NetSuite has recently launched its Intelligent Cloud Suite building powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning-based capabilities within the NetSuite solution.  The new intelligent cloud combines NetSuite and third-party data to enable businesses to make proactive and timely decisions and take action from right within the NetSuite application.

For more info on the Intelligent Cloud Suite, or if you would like a general briefing on the state of AI in business, please contact us today.

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